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Molokai – The Friendly Isle

By Russenberger

Molokai - The Friendly Isle

Molokai, Hawaii

[img src=]Coconut
[img src=]Ruins in Halawa Valley
[img src=]Sunset
[img src=]Kalaupapa Lookout
Father Damien's Leper Colony
[img src=]Kayaks
[img src=]Coastline from the Air
[img src=]Palm Frond
[img src=]Halawa Bay
[img src=]Phallic Rock
[img src=]Nene Crossing
[img src=]Moss in Molokai
[img src=]Boat off of South Shore
[img src=]Crab
[img src=]Father Damien Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Church
[img src=]Cove near Southeast Molokai
[img src=]Toad in Molokai
[img src=]Kayaking
[img src=]Halawa Valley
[img src=]Happy House
[img src=]Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove
[img src=]White Flower
[img src=]Kayak
[img src=]Molokai Shore
[img src=]Kayaking
[img src=]One Eye Jack the Rooster
[img src=]Red Hibiscus
[img src=]Coconut Palms
[img src=]Calm Waters
[img src=]Sunrise
[img src=]Footprints in the Sand
[img src=]Ancient Fishing Pond
[img src=]Pink Hibiscus
[img src=]R.W. Meyer Sugar Mill
[img src=]St. Damien Church
[img src=]Sun in Molokai
[img src=]View of Mokuho Oniki
[img src=]Molokai

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